Another newb mistake

23 Dec

Well, I made another mistake.  I put a deposit down without having full consultation.  My tattoo ‘buddy’ told me to come down to the store so he can get a sketch of the area, do some rough drawing and price it out.  Well, he just stop at sketch of the area and for some odd reason he is being dismissive when I ask how much it is going to cost.   I will give him the benefit of doubt because he was busy that day, but what is the point of making for a appointment when he is too busy for my appointment.

I had another tattoo artist do that to me once, and this was back in the days when I didn’t know the etiquette of how tattooing work…to make the long story short…I ended get charged twice the amount that was “agreed” prior to getting the tat done.

This is my point of view of how things happen anyway.  I won’t make another mistake like this again and its time for me to look for another tattoo artist.  I am starting to think all tattoo artist are just snake oil vendors…

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