Here’s an advice

30 Nov

“Have in mind that all tattooshops would really like to sell you a tattoo” Royal Tattoo, Denmark.

I get annoyed when a individual tattoo artist tells me “I can do all kind of style, from japanese to old school traditional”.  You know what that means to me? You are willing  to do whatever to get me to pay for your service.  You have no focus, therefore what you create is mediocre at best.  People I truly respect that stuck to one focus and really shows why are Mike Rubendall and Thomas Hooper.  They stuck to a particular style and see how awesome some of the tattoos they created.

Don’t get me started on “traditional” Japanese tattoo artist like to claim.  If I see another koi fish flash tattoo, I am going to scream…please for heaven sake don’t just trace it, draw from scratch.

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