30 Nov

I learned a valuable lesson this week, and that even the best artist had to copy the work of others. All tattoos are a variation of previous tattoos.  When I received calf tattoo this week, I was let down because 1) the tattoo artist did not pick up on any of my opinions during consultation and reference 2) the tattoo artist copied a similar tattoo from the web.

In my point of view, I was lead to believe that a piece of art will be created based on my opinions resulting in some uniqueness to the tattoo itself…and what I received was a improve copy of someone else work…

Second of all, what is the point of consultation if the tattoo artist isn’t going to incorporate my ideas in the first place.

Thanks to a big let down and waste of money, I strongly encourage anyone who is getting a tattoo to insist on a very rough drawing of the tattoo you are receiving.  It will help you visualize what you see and what he/she is able to do. If the tattoo artist ends up with a piece that you don’t like, just walk away (politely).

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