Another newb mistake

23 Dec

Well, I made another mistake.  I put a deposit down without having full consultation.  My tattoo ‘buddy’ told me to come down to the store so he can get a sketch of the area, do some rough drawing and price it out.  Well, he just stop at sketch of the area and for some odd reason he is being dismissive when I ask how much it is going to cost.   I will give him the benefit of doubt because he was busy that day, but what is the point of making for a appointment when he is too busy for my appointment.

I had another tattoo artist do that to me once, and this was back in the days when I didn’t know the etiquette of how tattooing work…to make the long story short…I ended get charged twice the amount that was “agreed” prior to getting the tat done.

This is my point of view of how things happen anyway.  I won’t make another mistake like this again and its time for me to look for another tattoo artist.  I am starting to think all tattoo artist are just snake oil vendors…


Keep it real

14 Dec

I think one of the main reason I got tattooed was because it helps me filter out those who are real and those who pretend to be.  You must of heard of people saying how indiscrimnant and open minded they are, but if you give them something that is out of the ordinary, they will either react with disgust or acceptance.  Unfortunately we still live in a society where change i.e. tattooing is still frown upon despite living in the 21st century.  If you can’t take being tattooed as it is, then why should I trust you to judge other impartially?

Anyway, Danielle Hampton explained it best in this article: on-being-visibly-tattooed-in-a-world-that-isnt

11 Dec

Here is another nice article about tattoo artist and client relationship.

I don’t know why, but I feel that there are a lot of tattoo artist that feel that they are a cut above everyone else.  From what I seen, tattoo artist are greatly dependent on us, yet a lot of them treat us like shit.  Since there are so many tattoo artist around now (maybe too many), don’t be afraid to shop around.  Even that tattoo artist you always go to may not be your best bang for your buck.  So many new up and coming tattoo artist are producing the same or even better tat than the “old” guys, and they are charging way cheaper.

Regarding style.

1 Dec

“Because a good traditional tattoo is easily recognizable… as are bad ones. A traditional tattoo requires clean solid line-work, shading, coloring and the ability to heal and hold up on the body for a lifetime.” Gunnar Gayloard, article from

That is why I am attracted more and more to traditional (western) style of tattoo.  Nice, clean, and holds up well. Simplicity at its best.

Here’s an advice

30 Nov

“Have in mind that all tattooshops would really like to sell you a tattoo” Royal Tattoo, Denmark.

I get annoyed when a individual tattoo artist tells me “I can do all kind of style, from japanese to old school traditional”.  You know what that means to me? You are willing  to do whatever to get me to pay for your service.  You have no focus, therefore what you create is mediocre at best.  People I truly respect that stuck to one focus and really shows why are Mike Rubendall and Thomas Hooper.  They stuck to a particular style and see how awesome some of the tattoos they created.

Don’t get me started on “traditional” Japanese tattoo artist like to claim.  If I see another koi fish flash tattoo, I am going to scream…please for heaven sake don’t just trace it, draw from scratch.


30 Nov

I learned a valuable lesson this week, and that even the best artist had to copy the work of others. All tattoos are a variation of previous tattoos.  When I received calf tattoo this week, I was let down because 1) the tattoo artist did not pick up on any of my opinions during consultation and reference 2) the tattoo artist copied a similar tattoo from the web.

In my point of view, I was lead to believe that a piece of art will be created based on my opinions resulting in some uniqueness to the tattoo itself…and what I received was a improve copy of someone else work…

Second of all, what is the point of consultation if the tattoo artist isn’t going to incorporate my ideas in the first place.

Thanks to a big let down and waste of money, I strongly encourage anyone who is getting a tattoo to insist on a very rough drawing of the tattoo you are receiving.  It will help you visualize what you see and what he/she is able to do. If the tattoo artist ends up with a piece that you don’t like, just walk away (politely).